2012 Fantasy League Rules

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The Kent Cricket League Fantasy Cricket Season is runing!


The first matches to count will be on Saturday 5th May. You may enter the Fantasy League up to 11th May, but you will only receive points for matches played after you join. The season will end on 02/09/2012.


Current Prize Fund - The winner will receive £100.


Please note: Your players totals will not show up until the relevant scorecard has been added on Play-Cricket.


Unlimited 'transfers' will be permitted, within your budget, until 11th May, in case any of your picks move Clubs or is not playing this year. If you see a player incorrectly allocated (he is a batsman not a bowler etc. or at a wrong Club) please email admin@kcl.uk.net and his category will be changed and you will be able to add him to your team. A further transfer window will operate at the half-way stage, from July 1st to 6th, where two players may be transferred.


You are permitted to select a maximum of two players per Club.


Each manager must pay £5.00 for every team they enter.


Each team must consist of:

5 Batsmen,
4 Bowlers,
1 All Rounder and
1 Wicketkeeper

The total cost of a team must not exceed £25.00 mil

Each team must select captain who scores 2x the points of a normal player.

The maximum value of a captain is £4.00 mil.

Points are scored for the following:

1 Run 1 points
Not Out 10 points
Fifty Plus (under 100) 15 points
100 Plus 30 points
Duck -10 points
Wicket 15 points
5 Wickets 20 points
50 Runs Without a Wicket -10 points
Catch 10 points
Run Out 10 points
Stumping 10 points
3 Victims (Catches Run Outs Stumpings) 20 points